Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Training

Greetings peeps.

I usually try to write something more substantial than just training updates but training has me brain dead of that's all I got.

The big event on the horizon right now is the Welland Half Iron June 26. And once again I have to thank John from Multisport Canada for the big props in his June newsletter with Welland coming fast.

Training has been going really well for my latest attempt at long course racing. I've been as consistently strong over the past 6-8 weeks as I ever have been and my fear of the distance, fear of my results, fear of failure etc. is slowly being replaced by quiet confidence in my fitness and excitement to see how all my hard work translates on the road.

After my weekend in Connecticut for Rev3 (and 5 hours of training the next day) I put in another solid week before planning to hit my final tune-up race in Woodstock. Unfortunately I pushed my luck a bit in training and woke up on race morning on the verge of sickness. Rather than risk digging a hole two weeks out from a goal event I pulled the plug and spent the morning cheering on that pretty girl from yoga to a breakthrough result.

Another week of big miles is almost done including a 5 hour swim/bike/run simulation and the longest bike and run of my life, along with some dreaded 400 reps in the pool. I'm now in the perpetual zombie state that comes with 20 hour training weeks and burning more calories than I can possibly consume in a day. But just a few more days and I'll get some recovery before Welland.

This weekend I'm heading to Age Group sprint provincials for a short tune-up on a flat and fast course. It sounds like there will be some fast dudes, some friends trying to qualify for AG Worlds in Auckland next year, and plenty of fan support so it should be a fun weekend.

After Welland I'll have a mini break before getting re-acquainted with Black Beauty and gearing up for Elite Provincials, one of my favourite events from last year. Based on how the race goes I'll have a better idea of where I want to take the second half of my season - another half, an Olympic non-drafting event or possibly a Continental Cup. Or all of the above?

One last thought on is Thierry's far more in depth and thoughtful race report on his half. Great read, lots of photos and more than enough detail on our little adventure.

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