Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Small Race Week Distraction

Uhh...don't think I should be on that list. I don't have my Ironman pro card and I registered for this race as an age grouper. Although I am flattered.

I'll have to see what's going on when I get to registration in a couple days but I'm down with lining up beside the big boys! Either way it doesn't affect my race plan of merely surviving.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Direct from my gracious homestays in St. Croix:

Hi Ryan......

We are getting close and look forward to your arrival.........

Very Hot and humid here now....Hope it cools off for the big event...

Warmest Regards.

Gee, I sure hope all this early-April-in-Canada weather has prepared me for racing in the tropics next weekend. Actually we have been lucky enough to get a couple hot days this month, and training has gone very well lately. In general I like racing in the heat and handle it pretty well, but I may regret those words next week.

Last big brick workout was today (100k ride/10k run), feeling pretty good! Now its on to my favourite part of training (and the real reason I'm in triathlon)...taper, carb loading, and traveling :)

My sexy Italian race bike...weighed down with 4.5 pounds of water/eload and plenty of yummy snacks for a 3 hour race simulation ride.

And my newest creation specifically for St. Croix (invention credit to Jonnyo and Rappstar). I wanted to come up a cooler way to bring a 3rd bottle than stuffing it in my jersey. After 100k I must say I'm a huge fan...after fixing the rattling. Very handy having a bottle there, not nearly as ugly or potentially dangerous as an Aerodrink, and apparently it does help overall aerodynamics of the bike.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Really starting to dial in my bike nutrition

50k through our long ride, we sensed there was deliciousness to be found at the farmer's market. Another big weekend of training done, a few more good sessions then taper time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ever seen 99% speed of light?

Unfortunately I don't think this is ITU legal, but for the right price I'll roll into transition at my Multisport Canada events on this beast.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In light of exam season...

How can you tell I'm training for something ridiculous:

a) A 5k required a 7km warmup and 5km cool down
b) Option 'a' was my short workout of the day
c) My Kuota KULT and I now consider ourselves mutually exclusive
d) Tri-geek status has reached peak levels, wearing compression socks out in public and attending hot yoga for motor control and heat simulation benefits

I don't know the answer, I'm seriously asking.

Happy training

Saturday, April 3, 2010


What an unbelievable two days for some serious race prep for my early season 70.3. I was invited to train in Guelph Friday/Saturday to take some punishment from Mike Hay and Coach James, and we were treated to 25 degree weather with a healthy dose of humidity and wind. Couldn't ask for anything better with St. Croix coming up fast.

So we took the opportunity to get in a BIG bike focus while the cycling gods were smiling upon us. Friday was swim, 90k rolling bike and 30 min run off with tempo. Today an early 90k ride with over 3000 vertical feet of climbing, and 75min run in the afternoon. Suffice to say I faced my inner demons a few times, and have perfected my technique of "putting on the blinders", blocking everything out and cranking up the pace. James heard "Blinders!" more than a few times this weekend as my mental cue to refocus, shut up and get the work done.

Quote(s) of the weekend:
#1. "I'm not all that fit, but sometimes you can fake it." (Peter Robertson, before winning '05 Worlds)
#2. "My ass feels like a cheeseburger" (James, after 180k in the saddle)