Friday, May 29, 2009

Injury Update+Guelph

Its been a pretty light week training wise with the wrist injury. Tested things out in the pool with 2k super easy: did some kicking then easy 100m reps coming in around 1:25 without any real effort, so not bad for missing 6 days of swimming. Hoping to get an open water swim in this weekend with my crazy fast new Blueseventy Helix wetsuit. Can't ride yet. Couple light runs...8k fartleks, and some 30min recovery runs. Milton race is out for this weekend but I'm hopeful to get my season underway at Lakeside next week (and show some UWO tri club buddies who's boss). Training has gone really well this spring and I'm looking forward to a strong start to the year.

I'm now moved in at my place for the summer in Guelph. Speed River, take me away! Getting mentally prepared to be embarrassed in the pool with my first workout at PTC Tuesday morning. And to my shock I found that downtown Guelph is actually a pretty nice place. And I spent way too much money today on new brake pads for my race wheels.

Next post will probably come after Day 1 with the training squad, till then...

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